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My Story

Stephanie has continued to develop her gift via Continuing Education such as Foot Reflexology, Massage Cupping, Prenatal Massage, Massage Stretch, Manual Lymphatic Drainage with garment fitting, and Advanced Neck and TMJ work.


She feels that both providing and receiving consistent massage therapy creates the opportunity and fulfillment for a more balanced life. Through understanding the human anatomy and each individual’s needs, Stephanie is dedicated to helping clients reach their ultimate health goals with education, encouragement, and compassion. She appreciates the importance of nurturing ourselves to sustain balanced well-being and feels blessed to be a part of the process.


Our Approach

Our massage therapy practice is dedicated to providing a holistic and comprehensive approach to well-being. We believe in addressing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit to promote overall health.


Our skilled and licensed massage therapists utilize a diverse range of techniques, tailored to individual needs, to alleviate physical tension, enhance circulation, and induce deep relaxation. Through personalized consultations, we consider not only your specific concerns but also your overall lifestyle, stressors, and wellness goals.

By fostering a nurturing and tranquil environment, we aim to create a therapeutic experience that extends beyond the massage table, supporting your journey toward balance, vitality, and a harmonious connection between body and mind.

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